Here’s why hundreds of businesses trust Risk Wizard

With flexible software that’s adaptable, quick to set up, simple to use and affordable, it’s no wonder hundreds of businesses are turning to Risk Wizard for their risk management needs.

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Risk monitoring reduced insurance premiums

"I would recommend Risk Wizard because for the first time I can dynamically monitor and manage risks all in one system as an iterative process throughout the year, not just as an annual refresh as I did before.  This process has allowed us to achieve reduced insurance premiums by demonstrating how we effectively manage our risks in real time"

Steve Postlethwaite


Fawley Parish Council

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Helping businesses of all shapes and sizes

From the beginning we've built software that's easy to use, very secure and affordably priced so that it's suitable for anyone and everyone.

Risk Wizard helps businesses of all shapes and sizes by providing software that saves time, effort and frees up valuable resources

Over 20 years in software development

Over the journey we've been grateful for valuable input from our system users, which has led to the successful development of software management solutions for risk management systems. 

With an exceptional reputation in the industry, boards, management and staff who use our software call it one of the best risk management tools available.

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