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3 Key Traits of a Well-Designed Compliance Management Software Solution

Updated: May 17

Just about every business operating in the UK must remain compliant with certain laws, regulations, and organisational policies. That’s why compliance management software is essential, particularly for medium- to large-sized enterprises that must always strive to remain compliant.

Consider, for example, a small pizzeria. Even at such a small scale (in business size), the owner and any employees must comply with food safety and hygiene regulations set by Council. Whilst compliance management software may not be necessary at such a small scale, one can easily see that as the business size grows there are many challenges posed that require a robust software package.

Larger organisations must consider compliance with not only Council and national government regulations here in the UK, but also European regulations such as the GDPR, for example. When shopping around for compliance management software, always ensure that your desired solution has the following three traits:

1. Automatic Task Scheduling and Automated Reminders

One of many reasons why organisations need software for compliance management rather than old-fashioned pen and paper is the ability to automate activities and tasks, thereby saving time and money whilst boosting functionality exponentially.

Automatic task scheduling paired with email reminders that can be set to trigger automatically for reminders or overdue notices all help to maintain compliance since essentially no stone is left unturned. Furthermore, various escalation stages can be incorporated into the email process, which ensures that tasks aren’t forgotten or neglected.

2. Customisable Interface & Reports for Your Business

Your business has its own unique needs and dynamics that differ from others, so why settle for a generic interface or reporting system that doesn’t truly reflect how your business uses compliance management software?

Risk Wizard enables users to customise their compliance framework and views which are attuned to their unique business process. Moreover, customise your reports so that they only display relevant information in a clear, legible format without any of the fluff. Apply advanced filters to add/remove fields and streamline your compliance reports to look exactly how you want them.

3. Free & Easy Means of Logging Compliance Tasks

All stakeholders within your organisation must be able to easily and freely receive compliance tasks from those involved in compliance management. Moreover, any compliance tasks assigned to them must also be able to be logged without a hassle, quickly and for free.

With Risk Wizard, everyone involved in compliance tasks can record and submit compliance reporting in real-time using any web-accessible device, either by desktop computer or mobile device.

There are some other benefits of using a robust compliance management software solution, such as automation of multiple tasks rather than Excel ‘to-do’ lists, which have the opportunity to be neglected or forgotten. Also, a good compliance management software package will also help your organisation achieve consistency with common terms and criteria used within the industry and/or organisation.

Make compliance management easy and intuitive with Risk Wizard. Our software solutions can be integrated with incidence management and risk management functionality to provide users with a complete solution for your organisation.

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