• Risk Wizard Team

Like to report incidents as they happen?

When an incident occurs in your workplace, are your staff prepared to record all relevant details so information is ‘on hand’ when you need it in future?

Now, more than ever, incident reporting is a business necessity with legal obligations to provide accurate and detailed reports of any incident or workplace accident that has occurred.

Risk Wizard makes it easy for your team to record incidents from any device so information is always current and up to date. With user-friendly software tailored to suit your business, it increases efficiency and ensures you always have access to the reports as and when you need them.

Our incident reporting software has many rich features designed to improve not only the safety of your employees, but also the value of your business. For example, automatic notifications provide important reminders to stay on top of safety action plans while tailored reports highlighting specific business activities can help with decisions that improve your bottom line.

Risk Wizard enables your team to identify problem areas, highlight underlying causes, spot trends or contributing factors so that potential improvements can be introduced. It’s also incredibly simple to generate custom reports showing all the relevant details you need within seconds, even pinpointing incidents within precise time and date periods across different locations

By simplifying and streamlining your incident documentation workflow, Risk Wizard not only reduces time spent on data recording and handling but also helps eliminate input errors.

If you’re looking for intuitive incident reporting software that’s flexible to your business needs, affordable and easy to implement then please get in touch and we’d be delighted to help you. Click here to request a FREE TRIAL or contact info@riskwizard.com