• Risk Wizard Team

Is your risk system slowing you down?

No-one enjoys using out-of-date software, or trying to enter data into a huge spreadsheet that takes ages to load. If it’s a laborious process, it can get de-prioritised and potentially affect whether your risk register is kept up to date.

In the current economic climate and uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to implement systems that are accessible in ‘real-time’, ‘user-friendly’ and ‘efficient’ to save your resources.

Risk Wizard have developed risk management software that is intuitive to your business needs, making it easy for users to ensure data is current and accurate. Ample features include automatic email reminders, customised dashboards, reports you can design to suit your specific industry and so much more.

Users appreciate how simple it is to assess risks, monitor compliance, log incidents and track action plans from any desktop or portable device.

Decision makers feel confident in Risk Wizard software, when assessing operational risks before implementing structural changes, making company purchases or planning future investments.

The transition for businesses who have outgrown Excel, wish to replace an old system or even starting from scratch is quick, easy and affordable ensuring a seamless upgrade.

Team members find they have freed up time previously spent on spreadsheets or system workarounds, with a system that is simple to set up, easier to manage and straightforward to run and control with automatic backups and upgrades.

User access, system data, backup and storage are much more secure, restoring everyone’s confidence in the reporting process.

If you’re looking for intuitive risk reporting software that’s flexible to your business needs, affordable and easy to implement then please get in touch and we’d be delighted to help you. Click here to request a FREE TRIAL or contact info@riskwizard.com