• Risk Wizard Team

Is your accident reporting falling short?

Thousands of foreseeable "common workplace accidents" occur needlessly each year resulting in huge costs to health, earnings and output. In many cases, the tools used to communicate, prevent and mitigate these accidents can make all the difference.

Ongoing safety awareness campaigns, well-documented policies/procedures and a user friendly information system with automatic work flow are all ‘must-have’ tools in the fight to improve workplace safety.

Unfortunately, many organisations fall short when it comes to investing in their information management tool. Instead they rely upon spreadsheets or outdated systems, neither of which are ‘fit for purpose’ when it comes to tackling workplace accidents.

An effective information system will tell you what risks face your employees plus any associated risk prevention and mitigation plans. It will also serve as a source of information for documenting procedural changes, conducting safety audits and risk awareness campaigns. At a minimum it needs to be user friendly, flexible, easily accessible and great at communicating alerts and reminders to the ‘right people at the right time’.

A simple yet effective feature should allow common workplace accident types to be setup in the system for quick and easy selection. This also makes it easy to report on accident trends over time.

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