Risk management software that's easy to use
in your business

A clever and cost-effective reporting tool for risk, compliance and incidents.

simple . streamlined . secure

Risk Wizard Software Spotlight: Area Dashboard
Risk Wizard Software Spotlight: Risk Register
Risk Wizard Software Spotlight: Customisable Dashboard
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Rave reviews from happy customers

"Reports can be run in a matter of seconds by users, meaning that everyone now has much better risk management information at their fingertips."

Sarah Greenall

Risk Oversight Manager


So seamless, you'll soon forget about Excel

Banish errors made in Excel by levelling up your game to a purpose-built, risk management system that anyone can use, is non-glitchy and 100% secure.

Why should you trust Risk Wizard?

Reassures stakeholders

Impress stakeholders

With easy to produce reports, you can show a robust approach to your risk management to impress boards, owners and auditors.

Affordable pricing

Cost-effective solution 

Affordable prices to ensure any business can access an accurate and secure risk management reporting tool.

User friendly

Easy to use

Great for team use with a quick and secure way to manage risk registers, compliance activities

and incidents.

Engages employees

Makes work easier

Staff will engage risk management as one of those 'I want to do it' tasks as

it's a super user-friendly tool compared to problematic spreadsheets.

Easily tailored

It changes with you

As your risk management framework and organisation grows, you can easily tailor the reporting tool to suit your needs.

Delivers savings

Quick and accurate

Streamline risk management reporting to save time and effort. Banish mistakes in time-consuming, risky spreadsheets or older systems.

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Simplifying your risk management obligations

Your business' risk management needs are unique, and that's why Risk Wizard software comprises three main products: Risk, Compliance and Incident Management.

You can choose to buy one or more products to suit you. And they will automatically work as one integrated risk management system, which means you can add the products as you need them.

Risk Wizard software is continually updated for changing risks and business needs, so you can rest assured you'll be using the most up-to-date product. 

Real-time risk assessments means risks aren't overlooked


Gone are the paper filled days where someone may accidentally forget to enter data. Real-time risk assessment means your team will be using the software and reporting on the spot.

 With everyone using the same system, you can assure the reports are 100% up to date whenever you access them. You'll confidently assess risks in real-time from your home office, workplace or on the move, trusting the data you're surveying is up to date.
You can also assign categories to the risks to make reporting or reviewing easier – third party, financial services, IT systems, health safety and so on.

24/7 incident management for live, on-the-spot reporting


Because incidents can happen at any time, the Risk Wizard incident management tool allows you to report in real-time.


The management team will receive alerts for workplace incidents, health safety hazards or near misses as they happen.
You'll be able to act straight away and ensure the safety of your employees throughout 24/7 operations. 


Once you're alerted to an incident, you can assign remedial actions and conduct investigations in the system which means you'll reduce the risk of similar incidents recurring in the future. 

A risk reporting tool that reduces compliance breaches


Risk Wizard software offers a complete compliance management solution for your business.  It continually monitors users in real-time, which means that management can rest easy, knowing that the risk of a compliance breach is minimal. 

One of the best parts of the risk compliance software is the function to schedule compliance activities automatically. 

As a management team, you can remind your staff to perform monthly workplace health safety inspections, quarterly quality management checks, annual risk reviews and more.

Over 20 years experience in risk software

The team at Risk Wizard understand risk management and all the variables that go along with reporting. With valuable input from our system users, we've successfully developed software management solutions for risk management systems. 

With an exceptional reputation in the industry, boards, management and staff who use our software call it one of the best risk management tools available.